Wanted to change the URL name so I made a new blog, and I've got some new art and other stuff to post too~


Here's a painted version of one of the layouts in my last post.

Work in progress drapery study of a statue. Apparently it's a "Virgin and Child" from the 15th century. I have only one photo of it and I have no idea who made it. It looks like something Michelangelo would make but his most significant "Virgin and Child" was the "Pieta". so hm...
Random portrait from my head that I did during painting class in the first week (but forgot to upload til now)

Can't seem to find the patience to properly render stuff.... Too many distractions in my life lately. Classes in particular. Our schedules are so sporadic, we have classes spread out 1-2 hours apart and usually we have 2-3 classes a day. And having a lecture from 3-6 on friday doesn't help either (and that's my only class that day! why won't they just let me stay home...)

Also, losing my tablet pen isn't helpful either. Dangit.

On another note, here's a picture of my group and our finished storyboard! We did a great job, the teacher loved it, and everything went so smoothly from concept to board. :) Barely any changes were made, goes to show that planning things right, right from the beginning, pays off!

Good team!

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