Halo 4 Multiplayer!

I finally get the pleasure to announce that at this past summer's internship at Digital Extremes, me, Janice, Youngjoon and James not only worked on Star Trek and Warframe, but as well as HALO 4!
It was an amazing experience, with awesome people! I got to learn a lot from the concept artists there, as well as from the 3D team and Art directors. Everyday was painting painting painting,  concept concept concept, and I learned a lot about the science fiction genre.

I can say for a fact that I was not familiar with it at all going in.

Three important things that I learned:
-that we need to come up with ideas quick, but not just write them down , but express them visually
-perspective is super important, while there may be some organic shapes in sci-fi, a lot of the shapes are straight-edged
-be EPIC.

Here's a video of the Multiplayer Pack we got to see progress over the summer, I actually have no idea if any of my work made it in, but it's definitely experience that I can put on my resume. :)

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